Cargo Ship Listing near St Simons Island

09/08/2019 | by Lighthouse Staff Writer | Vacation Rentals

Many of us enjoy watching the large cargo ships that pass by SSI on their way in and out of out of the Brunswick port.  From the St Simons Pier today we see something different – one of those ships is on its side in the channel.  The Golden Ray cargo ship is listing, or in other words, is on its side. The Coast Guard is supporting the situation and national news media is covering the incident. In fact, the St Simons pier is closed as news media report on the situation from there.




Below are additional photos of the ship as it currently sits, showing the ship on its side.

Cargo ship in St Simons is listing on its side



View provided by the coat guard of the listing ship shows a fire aboard


If you’ve ever seen these large cargo ships and have been curious where they’re going or what’s inside, it’s simple.  These large ships, often called “RoRo’s” by locals, are ships delivering automobiles to the port of Brunswick, just to the south of St Simons.  The ships earned their nicknames because their cargo, new cards, roll on and roll off.

Below is a photo of one of these ships and its cargo. As you can see, these large ships can hold a lot of cars!

RoRo ship with its cargo, similar to what is delivered to the port near St Simons


The port of Brunswick, called  Colonel’s Island Terminal, is the second largest port for auto entry in the country. That’s why we see so many “RoRos” passing by our island.  Have you ever photographed a RoRo passing by?