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About Our St. Simons Island Weather

St. Simons Island in Georgia offers the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather forecast. Enjoy the warmth of the sun without worrying about getting too hot. Over the course of the year the average temperature varies from 44° to 89° the low temperature is rarely below 32° or above 94°. This makes St. Simons Island the perfect spot for a vacation any time of the year with it’s clear skies and warm weather.

Take part in the fall activities such as, walks on trails, camping and golf; or experience the summer heat with boating, fishing, and many other water sports.
The average high tends to last for 3-4 months or from May to September.

The average daily high temperature is about 83°. The sunny island is perfect for achieving the sun kissed skin everyone desires. The cool season lasts for about 3 months from December to March, with an average daily high of 66°.
When it comes to clouds St. Simons Island has the perfect amount.

Just enough to cool you off during a hot day, but also allow the sun to peep through on the colder days. The clearest part of the year is September and lasts for about 8.7 months ending in June.

The chance of precipitation tends to be in the hotter months to cool off warm, humid air. The wind speed is perfect for the days you are enjoying your time on the island, leaving you with a gentle breeze of fresh air.

Be sure to check back periodically for the current weather conditions!