Your Guide to Visiting Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

If you’re looking for a picture-perfect beach vacation destination, look no further than Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. This pristine sandy shore makes for the perfect beach getaway in its near seclusion and gnarly driftwood branches and trees littering the waterfront. Visiting here is a beach trip like no other. 

Whether you plan to stop by for a couple of hours, a day, or a weekend, here’s what you need to know about visiting Driftwood Beach. 

Driftwood Beach History

Photo Credit: lukedrich_photography via Flickr CC2.0

Driftwood Beach, a now popular tourist destination, was once a maritime forest of lush bushes and trees lining the Jekyll Island shores for protection. However, after years of erosion and weather, the once-thriving forest succumbed to the elements resulting in the gnarled, warped driftwood husks that line the shore in the estuary’s place. 

Residents in the area, tourists, wedding parties, photographers, and other interested individuals flock to these shores to check out the unfamiliar landscape and capture the perfect pictures. The scene itself stretches from the Clam Creek Picnic Area to the Villas By The Sea Resort.  

How to Get to Driftwood Beach

Photo Credit: alexismarie10 via Instagram

Jekyll Island hosts many beaches, but you’ll find Driftwood Beach in particular near the land’s northern point. Next, you’ll maneuver your way to the Ben Fortson Parkway until you reach North Beachview Drive. 

From there, you’ll continue onward for about four miles or so past the Villas By The Sea resort. Shortly after, you’ll see the parking lot for Driftwood Beach. You will have to pay a six-dollar fee for entry to Jekyll Island, but you will not have to pay anything additional to park or enter Driftwood Beach.

What Else You Need to Know About Driftwood Beach

Before you plan your trip, you should consider a few other things, such as picking a time to go, whether or not you should bring your pet, and how you should tend to the area while you’re there.

When to Go

Photo Credit: lopez_t0110 via Instagram

Driftwood Beach is a hotspot destination for pictures, so be wary when you go that you most likely won’t have the beach to yourself. If you only want to go for the photos and don’t particularly care about spending the day at the beach, you might want to consider going during the island’s off-season, during one of the colder months. 

No matter what time of year you plan your trip, make sure you check the tides before venturing out to the shore. For optimal views of the driftwood carcasses, you’ll want to plan your excursion around low tide. If you go at high tide, you risk missing the driftwood in its entirety. However, If you go at low tide, you can freely walk around the limbs and along the beach without the threat of water. 

Pet Restrictions

Photo Credit: Mindy Georges via Flickr CC2.0

Driftwood Beach is pet-friendly, so no need to worry about finding a sitter for your furry friend. However, the beach and the environment will thank you for picking up after your pet if they go to the bathroom.

Other Restrictions

Photo Credit: alena_tarasenko1 via Instagram

Would you please pick up all trash and belongings before you head out when visiting Driftwood Beach? It’s a common courtesy and best to keep the environment on the beach in a healthy condition to do so. You wouldn’t want someone coming to your home and leaving their trash behind, would you?