St. Simon’s Island Art

05/20/2021 | by Lighthouse Staff Writer | Area Events Local Area Things to do

St. Simons Island is a must-visit location for Georgia explorers. It’s one of the legendary Golden Isles, and this large island faces the historic Marshes of Glynn. In some (and only the best) ways, visiting St. Simons Island is like being transported to the 19th century. Oak trees with moss adorn picturesque streets on many parts of the island. 

While activities in the great outdoors tend to be on most people’s St. Simons Island itineraries, don’t forget about indulging your creative spirit, too. After all, we’re increasingly learning the true importance of creative expression in happiness and general wellness. If you are an art lover, you’re in luck on St. Simons Island. The island has several places where you will find and enjoy art. 

Glynn Visual Arts

Photo Credit: glynnvisualarts via Instagram

Glynn Visual Arts (GVA) is a non-profit arts organization funded by generous patrons. This St. Simons Island art gallery is a community of local artists and art enthusiasts. It’s the area’s most well-established arts organization, with hundreds of members. 

This arts center was founded in 1953. It features many different events during the year, including many exhibitions, exciting art festivals, and educational opportunities for both kids and adults. Glynn Visual Arts features an art fair and summer camp especially for kids.

Anderson Fine Art Gallery

Photo Credit: andersonfineartgallery via Instagram

Peruse an excellent selection of still life, portrait, and landscape paintings at Anderson Fine Art Gallery. Portraits are a special area of expertise for Anderson Fine Art Gallery. In fact, the gallery represents more than 100 portrait artists. If you’d like, you can even engage these artists for your own personal projects. 

Anderson Fine Art Gallery opened in 1998 and has a large selection of original paintings from artists at every stage of their career. Most of the work you will see at Anderson Fine Art Gallery is representational, with genres such as landscape and still life. There is a limited amount of non-representational (for example, abstract) work at the gallery, too. 

As wonderful a gallery as it is, Anderson Fine Art Gallery is truly more than that. It also offers the chance for art instruction and workshops. These workshops tend to take place at the gallery’s second location, which is called the Artist’s Annex Studio. There are workshops available there on a frequent basis, no matter the time of year. You will find the Artist’s Annex Studio directly behind the main gallery. 

One of the reasons why Anderson’s workshops are so impressive is the fact that they are led by professional artists. The gallery is so widely respected that professional artists from other parts of the United States come to Anderson Fine Art Gallery and its Artist’s Annex Studio to teach. There is also an Open Studio facility program. If you plan to visit and avail yourself of these facilities, take a look at the studio schedule first. Whether you paint in oil, acrylic, or watercolor paint, you will love the Artist’s Annex Studio.  

Wallin Studio & Gallery

Ken Wallin is a well-known and highly accomplished artist with a studio and gallery on St. Simons Island. He is admired for an impressionistic style that he executes with oil paint on canvas. Much of his wall art is inspired by places he has visited. 

As well as oil paintings, Wallin creates and includes mixed media wall sculptures in his gallery. Some of the subject matter you will see in Ken Wallin’s paintings include abstract florals, wildlife, and landscapes. Wallin’s artistic career spans back more than 35 years. 

Viola’s Market

Photo Credit: violas_market via Instagram

Viola’s Market is a St. Simons Island gallery location where you can view both fine and folk art. You can buy unique gifts here for your family and friends back home. Viola’s Market is well-known for its wicker and French wire baskets, as well as beautiful glazed pottery. It’s a wonderful place for finding home decor.  

This creative spot is located in Redfern Village, a charming area of St. Simons Island. When you visit Viola’s Market, you will find antiques, home accessories, and other kinds of artistic gifts. Viola’s Market is open weekdays from 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. 

St. Simons Island is an Art destination 

St. Simons Island is not only an essential Georgia attraction but an impressive art destination, as well. When you head to St. Simons Island during your Georgia adventures, remember to include the island’s art scene on your itinerary. And don’t forget how many lovely additions to your home decor, not to mention gifts for friends and family, you can buy while you’re there.