St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum

If you’re traveling to the Golden Isles there are plenty of things and attractions to do during your stay. However, sometimes it can become hard to choose just a few to visit while you are in town. With Saint Simons Island being so rich in history and culture, this creates even more attractions and historical sites to visit and see. You can see what it is like to Live in this area when life was much different. A crowd favorite attraction on the island is the St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum. Not only does it offer breathtaking views but it’s an experience you cannot miss. Here’s everything you need to know about the Saint Simons Island lighthouse before you visit.

Lighthouse History

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The Saint Simons Island lighthouse and keeper’s dwelling was built in 1868 through 1872.  The purpose of this lighthouse was to replace the one that was destroyed in the American Civil War. Those who worked at the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper, stayed in the dwelling that Eventually became the museum portion. It is now the Museum of coastal history and is operated by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society. The land the original lighthouse was built on sits on was purchased by John Couper in 1804.  In 1807, James Gould was given the contract to build the St. Simons Lighthouse. 

The lighthouse is in the shape of an octagon and has a base diameter of 25 feet. Getting smaller and smaller as you reach the top and eventually reaches 10 feet in diameter. The lighthouse is over 75 feet tall with walls that are 8 feet thick at the foundation. It was made of tabby until it reached the upper portion that was made out of brick. At the start of the Civil War, a confederate earthworks fort was built just west of the lighthouse. However, on September 29, 1861, Glenn guards infantry company destroyed the lighthouse to keep it out of the way of the union navy. The Fresnel lens, which was installed in 1857 was also removed prior to the destruction of the tower. 

The Current Lighthouse

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The rebuilt lighthouse is located near the village and pier. This lighthouse is one and five remaining lighthouses in Georgia. It is still used as an active navigational aid for ships That are entering Saint diamonds Island.  The light from the top of the lighthouse shines 23 miles to see. At the top,  you can experience spectacular, panoramic views of the coast including the Mainland of the barrier islands, Brunswick, Jekyll Island in the south end of Saint Simons Island. The new keeper’s dwelling is a two-story Victorian-style home That was used for the lighthouse keepers from 1872 until 1950.  Today that home is used as the museum portion directly beside the lighthouse.

St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

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The St. Simons Island lighthouse museum has now been turned into the World War II homefront Museum. It is located on the south end of Saint James Island in the pier Village. Locals and visitors from all around can come and climb the lighthouse tower As well as stroll through the keepers dwelling, which holds the museum exhibit.

These two historic sites not only offer visitors to go back in time but also experience what it was like to be the keeper of the Lakehouse. Lighthouse is located in the historic Coast Guard station at East Beach where the new museum brings life to coastal Court, George’s extraordinary contributions during the world war. During the immersive exhibit, it’s an interactive experience guess of the lighthouse will learn about blimps on anti-submarine patrol, radar training to direct fighter pilots, building liberty ships to supply troops overseas, and much more.

Museum And Lighthouse Information

Ticket Information

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Adults can visit the lighthouse for just $12 and children between the ages of six and 12 can visit for just six dollars. The lighthouse offers a two-dollar military discount with an ID and children under six and society members are admitted free of charge. Tickets and times can be viewed and purchased online or within the museum store. All tickets are nonrefundable. 

While you were in the area if you were interested in seeing the A.W. Jones Heritage Center, it is located on the lighthouse campus. It houses the societies’ archives, their research library, event hall, the museum store, and gift shop. 


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The museum does not offer any designated parking spaces at the lighthouse or the World War II homefront museum. However, there is a ton of public parking surrounding the sites. At the Heritage Center, parking spaces Are available along 12th St. in front of the lighthouse and along Beach view Drive.

Whether You are staying in Saint Simons Island or just visiting for a quick getaway from Atlanta, Savannah, or are you in Jacksonville, the lighthouse and the museum is a must-see. Spend a day basking in the beautiful ambiance as well as historic sites. The address to the lighthouse is 610 Beachview Dr. We hope to see you soon in St. Simons Island.