The Best St. Simons Island Photoshoot Locations

Amongst Georgia’s famed Golden Isles chain lies St. Simons Island, a mystical Atlantic Island full of thick green salt marshes, forests of ancient oak trees covered in hanging moss, and miles of expansive sandy beaches. 

Along with swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and dining at numerous delicious restaurants in the Island’s quaint downtown, there are many other natural and historical sites to explore and photograph. 

Whether you like nature shots or family poses in front of old churches and lighthouses, St. Simons Island offers excellent opportunities for photoshoots. While you can store memories in your heart, today’s high-tech world of Instagram stories and live videos allows you to share your epic vacation with friends and family in real-time.

If you want the inside scoop on the best St. Simons Island photoshoot locations, we list our favorite natural and historical landmarks that offer the most picturesque backgrounds or centerpieces for your camera lens.

9 Best St. Simons Island Photoshoot Locations

Below you’ll find an eclectic mix of St. Simons Island and surrounding Golden Isle spots that offer the best scenery to photograph. Not only are they great photoshoot locations, but they are also important historical and natural attractions that you can spend hours exploring before and after your photoshoot.

Christ Church

Photo Credit: crap_i_love_ via Instagram

With a fascinating history that dates to the turn of the 18th century, Christ Church has been a continuously active episcopal church since its first construction in 1820. While the church building has been demolished and reconstructed twice during the 1800s, it upholds its gothic façade from the latest 1895 reconstruction.

Not only is the church a classic white monument worth photographing both inside and out, but the surrounding grounds are also hauntingly beautiful. Large moss-draped oaks shade a centuries-old cemetery, and if you come in the morning, it may still be cloaked in mist. 

Fort Frederica National Monument

Photo Credit: nomadic_wayne via Instagram

Fort Frederica is a national monument that marks one of America’s first British colonies (the first for the island itself). There are ruins of the first colonial buildings and beautifully maintained grounds encompassing large grassy knolls, a forest of old oak trees covered in moss, and a large swath of Atlantic coastline.

After watching the thorough and exciting movie outlining the site’s history and significance, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the grounds and take pictures of the ruins, grounds, and beautiful ocean views. 

St. Simons Island Pier

Photo Credit: traveling_schus via Instagram

Ocean fishing piers are always iconic photoshoot spots that are essential backdrops for your beach vacation, and St. Simons Island Fishing Pier is incredibly unique.

The wooden pier has a roofed and open section with wooden railings illuminated at night so that you can take photos morning, evening, or night. There are great views of the coastline, a lighthouse, and a lively tourist and fishing scene if you want human subjects as a part of your photo’s landscape.

Jekyll Island: Driftwood Beach

Photo Credit: amanda.monrae via Instagram

While Jekyll Island is not technically St. Simons Island, it is a mere boat or car ride away and has some of the best beaches for photoshoots. 

Driftwood Beach is incredibly picturesque due to large, gnarled pieces of wood strewn up and down the beach that looks amazing against the ocean blues or as a silhouette against a magnificent sunset backdrop.

Avenue of the Oaks

Photo Credit: bhagood78 via Instagram

Avenue of the Oaks is arguably our favorite photoshoot spot on St. Simons Island. True to its name, Avenue of the Oaks is a green pasture passageway lined on both sides by the most majestic ancient oak trees with Georgia’s characteristic hanging moss. 

You’ll feel like a forest fairy as you stroll through the beautiful archway of oaks, snapping pictures that are sure to be frame-worthy.

St. Simons Lighthouse

Photo Credit: stsimonslighthouse via Instagram

St. Simons Lighthouse is one of the island’s oldest historical landmarks, dating to the 19th century. The lighthouse is a classic white construction that is photogenic on its own, but the views of the ocean and a birds-eye view of the surrounding island terrain from the top are worth the climb.

Little Saint Simons Island

Photo Credit: cshapiro12 via Instagram

On the eastern side of St. Simons Island lies Little Saint Simons Island, a marshy, mossy forested island with colonial, southern-style cottages. A picture of these cottages nestled between moss-covered trees and marsh is the quintessential Georgia photograph. 

Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island

Photo Credit: kimikimkim via Instagram

If you’re looking for whimsy and fun, head to Tree Spirits, a park of oak and magnolia trees, each one with a distinct face carved into its trunk. You can take pictures of the family conversing with the trees!

Sidney Lanier Bridge

Photo Credit: bridgemonstar via Instagram

A quick 20-minute drive from St. Simons Island, Sidney Lanier Bridge connects the Golden Isles to the mainland town of Brunswick, Georgia.

It is one of Georgia’s largest cable bridges and an impressive architectural and structural feat worth photographing from any angle. 


No matter where you go at St. Simons Island in Georgia, you’re bound to find plentiful opportunities for photos. The island is full of beautiful scenery and nature and is an excellent location for photographers and lovers of scenery.