St Simons Island Surfing Guide

Photo Credit: dl3paddleandputt via Instagram

When you think of surfing, you probably picture exotic locales like Hawaii, or the famed beaches of Malibu or Orange County in California. The east coast of the United States is definitely not the first place that comes to mind, and with good reason. With very little exception, the Atlantic coast simply doesn’t offer the same experience as surfing on west coast beaches or the Pacific Islands. St. Simons Island, Georgia is not the surf capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a few waves or enjoy surfing of a different style! Kitesurfing, paddle boarding, and windsurfing are local favorites, and conditions are generally excellent for all here in the Golden Isles!

Surfing In The Golden Isles

Surfing Saint Simons Island in Georgia is a bit of a challenge, but getting to the beach at the right time will offer some decent rides. The entire area is a great place for novice surfers and beginners that are just learning and seeking a milder surf. Make sure to check out the East Beach and the area around the Coast Guard Station to spot the best breaks. St. Simons Island is a beach break, and the surf is fairly inconsistent. Winter, specifically November, is the best time of year to find consistent, clean waves. You’ll want to get to the beach while the tide is coming in – at least a few hours before high tide – for the best breaks. Before waxing that surfboard, Google your local surf report.

The majority of waves are the result of ground swells, with the best swell angle from the east. Hurricane season, of course, brings the possibility for some fairly large waves as well as some dangers. Watch out for undertow, rip currents, some man made obstacles such as buoys, and sharks – all of which are relatively common in coastal Georgia. Some other spots within a few miles of St. Simons Island include Goulds Inlet, Sea Island Georgia, and Jekyll Island.

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Paddle Boarding, And Kayaking

Photo Credit: dl3paddleandputt via Instagram

While great conditions for surfing are limited to the run of the tides, the majority of the time you will find ideal conditions for other water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing , stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and kayaking. Small waves can still offer big fun and the Georgia coast does offer some nice calm seas for adventures on your paddle board or taking a kayaking trip up the coast. Be aware that conditions can change rapidly, especially when the tide is coming in. Small choppy waves that are ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing make up the majority of the surf and both are quite popular in the area.

If you’re visiting from out of town and looking to pick up some supplies or rent some equipment, you will want to check out the Ocean Motion Surf Co. located at 210 Mallery Street, Saint Simons Island, Georgia 31522. They are your one stop shop for all your beach needs, from walking on the boardwalk to getting outfitted with a kayak or paddle board, you’ll find great deals at the Ocean Motion Surf Co.