A Visitor’s Guide to Spring on St. Simons Island

As the winter months fade and spring makes its first signs of arrival in March, St. Simons Island transforms altogether.

By April, the Georgia coast is lined with blooming Azalea bushes and shorebirds filling the air. Locals emerge from sleepy wintertime to enjoy the rising temperatures and long stretches of sandy beaches that the Golden Isles offers.

This is also an ideal time to book a vacation rental. There are limitless outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy between the island’s vast bike paths, year-round bird watching, and award-winning golf courses. If you’re planning a visit to St. Simons Island, we’ve created a visitor guide for you to get the most out of your spring getaway.

About St. Simons in the Spring

Photo Credit: Ralph Daily via Flickr CC2.0

St. Simons Island is located on the southernmost tip of Georgia, an hour north of Jacksonville and an hour south of Savannah. The Island is a popular destination located in Georgia’s Golden Isles and renowned for its unique southern charm.

This small island has a population of around 13,000 and covers 34 square miles of picturesque coastal beauty. Known as the second largest barrier island in eastern North America, St. Simons has earned a reputation as a haven for outdoor activities.

Drawing from its stunning coastline, visitors can engage in expert fishing charters, kayak tours, surfing excursions, and more! Beyond beach activities, travelers flock to historic attractions and eco-tours.

Spring Weather on this Barrier Island

The spring temperatures vary from March to May. You can expect temperature highs to climb from the 60s in March, 70’s in April, and land in the mid-80s in May. While rainy and cloudy days mark the transition months, there are still plenty of things to do when it gets wet in St. Simons!

The sun peeks out more as the spring season progresses. Take note, the spring season is also the windiest season, especially in May.

The Tourist Season in Spring

Spring is the second-busiest tourism season on St. Simons Island, following the summer. This is because visitors migrate to the Golden Isles to enjoy their Spring Break in warmer weather.

Restaurants and businesses are open fully during these months, but crowds are not yet at their summer peak. This means visitors can enjoy all the island has to offer without the crowds that come with the summer months!

Spring Brings More Pet-Friendly Beaches

Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks

In the busy summer months on Saint Simons Island, dogs are prohibited on the beach during daytime hours. But in the off-season (Labor Day through Memorial Day), dogs can enjoy the beach with their owners anytime.

So if you’re looking to bring your furry friend along on vacation, book your spring stay from March to April!

There are 37 access points to St. Simons Island’s public beaches. Access points start at Gould’s Inlet to the north and end just south of St. Simons Island Pier. Head here for a map of all entrance points.

Pro Tip: There are also some great pet-friendly vacation rentals in this area as well!

Things to Do in Spring on St. Simons Island

Enjoy Family-Friendly Activities at Neptune Park

Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

At the edge of the pier along the ocean lies Neptune Park, the ideal spot to enjoy hours of outdoor fun for the whole family.

Nestled in between St. Simons Island Pier and St. Simons Lighthouse, Neptune Park offers options to play, swim, and relax year-round. Open all year, the park’s 18-hole golf course is the perfect spring activity to enjoy along the water at just $8 per round.

In addition, visitors can relax under the hundred-year-old live oaks lining the park and even sometimes catch live music in the park in the evening.

The Neptune Park Fun Zone Pool opens Memorial Weekend. May visitors can access the wading pool and water gym before snacking poolside from the park’s delicious concession stand for just $8 a day.

Pro Tip: After enjoying the park, take the short walk over to St. Simons Island Museum for a history lesson on one of the landmarks of Saint Simons Island.

Visit Little St. Simons Island on a Day Trip

Photo Credit: Stacy Funderburke

There are plenty of amazing day trips to explore from St. Simons island. Just north of Sea Island lies Little St. Simons Island. Accessible by boat only, Little St. Simons Island is a privately-owned, 11,000-acre conservatory of nature trails, salt marshes, vast beaches, and natural wildlife.

Visitors can book a day trip to the island to experience a taste of the pristine surroundings through a guided tour. Then, guests take a ferry through the isolated marshes to the island, where they will learn about the island’s natural history, explore the uninhabited beaches, and savor a picnic under the oak trees featuring local farmers’ produce.

Go Kayaking along Coastal Georgia

Photo Credit: Stacy Funderburke

Springtime is the perfect weather to enjoy one of this barrier island’s most well-loved water activities: kayaking.

While visitors are welcome to bring their own gear and kayak unguided, they can also choose to join a guided, educational tour to learn about the landscape around them.

This is a great way to explore some of the neighboring locations like Jekyll Island and Brunswick, get a front-row seat to the salt marshes, and enjoy warmer weather without plunging into the cold water!

Take a Trolley Tour through St. Simons Island

Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks

The St. Simons Island Trolley Tour is one of the most beloved traditions of our coastal town, and it’s the perfect spring day activity.

Operating since 1993, the trolley tour is one of the best ways to experience the entire island, with over 36 points of interest along the way. In addition, guests will get the chance to see many historic sites, including Fort Frederica National Monument, St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, and the Bloody Marsh.

The main event of the trolley ride is a walking tour through Christ Church, where Charles Wesley, founder of the Presbyterian denomination, preached in the 1740s. The trolley runs daily at 11 am, and ticket information can be found here.

Spend the Afternoon in Pier Village

Pier Village is the Downtown hub of St. Simons Island. Locals and visitors love to gather in Pier Village in the spring to enjoy its shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

Visitors can stroll through the Downtown St. Simons streets, where you’ll find the Live Oak Shop, a specialty store selling locally handmade items.

If you’re visiting on the weekend, you won’t want to miss Crafts in the Village, an open-air market full of locally-made coastal art, jewelry, home decor, specialty food items, and more.

Finish your stroll with dessert at St. Simons Crepes, home to delicious cone-shaped crepes that you can enjoy on the go.

Pro Tip: Pier Village is home to some of the island’s many tree spirits! In the 1980s, a local artist carved 20 intricately-designed faces into live oaks all over the island. The carvings were lovingly named Tree Spirits, and today, visitors can hunt for these carvings on a Tree Spirits Treasure Hunt!

With ten tree spirits on the public ground throughout the island, this is the perfect spring family-friendly activity to enjoy while exploring the island.

A Special Time to Visit the Georgia Coast

There’s nothing like springtime on the Golden Isles. Between exploring the St. Simons Island beaches, taking day trips to neighboring islands, and shopping locally at Pier Village, spring visitors get a taste of the locals’ favorite things about living on the island.

The weather is perfectly amenable, the crowds are still low, and the local businesses are in full gear, just waiting for visitors to welcome. So whether you’re looking for an action-packed stay or a relaxed getaway at a prime vacation rental, we promise your spring trip to St. Simons Island will be memorable for you and your family.